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Do you love the incense sticks that come in your package?  We now have these incense sticks in standard 12" sizes.  Incense sticks are great for cleansing before any spell work or ritual or during a ritual bath.  They are not only good for cleansing but inviting in positive energy as well.  We recommend that you always cleanse before starting any ritual or early in the morning to invite positive energy into your space. 


Each order comes with 6 incense sticks!  Now Available in:

Peace - Light Pink End
Lilac - Light Purple End
Raspberry Passion - Dark Pink End
Wealth - Glitter Green End
Sage & Palo Santo - Brown/White End                                        

Desire - Bright Red/Dark Red Ends

Manifest- Sage Green/Beige End

Defense - White Pearlescent End

Incense Sticks - 12 Inch


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