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What are the Seals of Solomon?

The Seals of Solomon, also known as the Sigils of Solomon or the Pentacles of Solomon, are mystical symbols associated with King Solomon, a figure from Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions. According to legend, King Solomon was endowed with wisdom and knowledge of magic, and he used these seals to command demons, spirits, and control various supernatural forces.

The seals are typically depicted as geometric designs or symbols, often inscribed within a circle. They are believed to possess protective, healing, or other magical properties when properly used or invoked. Each seal is associated with specific angels, spirits, or divine attributes.

The most famous reference to the Seals of Solomon is found in grimoires or magical texts such as the "Key of Solomon" and the "Lesser Key of Solomon." These texts contain instructions on how to create and utilize the seals for various purposes, including summoning spirits, gaining knowledge, or protection from malevolent forces. Below is an example of the The Grand Pentacle and its meaning.

The number of Seals of Solomon varies depending on the source and tradition. In texts like the "Key of Solomon" and the "Lesser Key of Solomon," there are numerous seals, each associated with different angels, spirits, or purposes. Some sources mention dozens of seals, while others may reference hundreds. However, the most commonly recognized collection of Solomon's seals consists of around 44 or 72 seals, depending on the specific manuscript or interpretation. These seals are typically depicted as intricate geometric designs or symbols, each believed to have its own unique properties and associated spiritual entities.

Throughout history, these symbols have been incorporated into various occult practices, ceremonial magic, and esoteric traditions. Today, they continue to be studied and utilized by practitioners of various magical and mystical disciplines.

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